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Dr. CoJo

Sports Physical Therapist & Educator

Atlanta-based Physical Therapist Specializing in Sports Medicine and Performing Arts. Dedicated to Helping Gymnasts, Circus Artists, and Athletes in the Performing Arts World.


About Dr. CoJo

Sports and Physical Therapy, Professional Speaking, Judging Critique, Injury Risk Reduction Workshops & Virtual Wellness Screens and Exercise Programs.

Courtney Johnson, AKA Dr. CoJo, is a sports physical therapist that works with athletes of all ages and levels. She specializes in working with artistic athletes such as dancers, gymnasts, circus artists, and cheerleaders, as well as people with hyper-mobility disorders.

Courtney is also a gymnastics judge for USA Gymnastics and MyFLEX coach for circus artists around the world. She is passionate about injury prevention and education and is a professional speaker for Brown Girls Do Gymnastics, USA Gymnastics, National Dance Education Organization, and a host of other studios, gyms, and clubs.

She serves on the board as the Director of Sports Medicine for Brown Girls Do Gymnastics. In her free time, Dr. CoJo enjoys traveling the world, trying new fitness classes, going to concerts, and anything related to hair and beauty as well as spending quality time with family and friends.



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Dr. CoJo is here to help! Please contact Dr. CoJo with any questions or concerns. Please allow 24 hours for a response. Check out @__drcojo__ on Instagram!

Tel: 404-713-2461


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