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Physical Therapy

Dr. CoJo™ provides highly skilled, one on one physical therapy and therapeutic treatment.  She specializes in treating artistic athletes of all ages. She also treats other sports-related injuries, acute or chronic issues, and hypermobility spectrum disorders.  She is a physical therapist that listens and cares about her patients.  She aims to educate her patients about motion and movement for optimal performance.  You can find her in Metro Atlanta at Integral Physical Therapy and Atlanta Dance Medicine, providing lectures for coaches of all sports, or even judging USA Gymnastics events.  Dr CoJo’s physical therapy sessions may include movement analysis, manual therapy techniques, dry needling, cupping, corrective exercise, stability training, mobility/flexibility training, strength training, and education.


Dr. CoJo™ is passionate and eager to help athletes of all ages and performance levels.  Whether you’re a professional, amateur, or budding star, Dr CoJo will help ensure you’re at your best. 

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