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Injury Risk Reduction Workshop

The focus of these workshops are intended to educate coaches, teachers, and athletes on techniques to correct movement, reduce the risk of injury, and ultimately enhance athletic performance and longevity in the sport.  Workshops are sport-specific and are mostly movement based with some presentation or lecture included.  Dr. CoJo will provide information that is both evidence-based and experience-based and can be geared toward the needs of the attendees.  These workshops range from 1.5 hours to 5 hours long.  Attendees will leave with more knowledge of anatomy, body awareness, and tools to enhance their training and performance!  Dr. CoJo’s workshops are great for any conference or professional development event as well as sports clinics or camps.  Contact Dr. CoJo to schedule your workshop today!


After the initial inquiry, a proposal will be created based on the specific needs of the organization, studio, or team.  


Cost: $200/hr 


Availability:  In-person workshops are available nationwide

* For travel greater than 60 miles, round-trip mileage will be added based on the current IRS mileage rate. For travel greater than 90 miles, accommodations will be discussed on an individual basis.  


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