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Physical Therapy Treatment

Dr. CoJo™ provides highly skilled, one on one physical therapy and therapeutic treatment.  She specializes in treating artistic athletes of all ages. She also treats other sports-related injuries, acute or chronic issues, and hypermobility spectrum disorders.  She is a physical therapist that listens and cares about her patients.  She aims to educate her patients about motion and movement for optimal performance.

Injury Risk Reduction Workshops

The focus of these workshops is intended to educate coaches, teachers, and athletes on techniques to correct movement, reduce the risk of injury, and ultimately enhance athletic performance and longevity in the sport. Workshops are sport-specific and are mostly movement based with some presentation or lecture included.


Dr. CoJo is a USA Gymnastics accredited Level 10 judge.  She started judging in college in 2011 and has enjoyed seeing gymnastics from a different angle.  Gymnastics judging critique is geared toward competitive teams as they prepare for the upcoming season.  Dr. CoJo will coordinate as many judges as needed to provide critique on routines for all events.

Professional Speaking

As a Physical Therapist that is passionate about helping athletes, parents, coaches, and other medical professionals, especially those in the artistic realm, learn about their bodies and how to perform optimally, education is a huge part of Dr. CoJo’s practice.  She is available to share knowledge and information on common injuries, injury detection, screening tools, corrective exercise and more in order to keep athletes informed and protected.

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