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Professional Speaking

As a Physical Therapist that is passionate about helping athletes, parents, coaches, and other medical professionals, especially those in the artistic realm, learn about their bodies and how to perform optimally, education is a huge part of Dr. CoJo’s practice.  She is available to share knowledge and information on common injuries, injury detection, screening tools, corrective exercise, and more in order to keep athletes informed and protected.  Dr. CoJo™ has spoken on a variety of topics in person and virtually.  She also offers clinics for gyms, studios, teams, coaches/instructors, and medical professionals (Please see “Injury Risk Reduction”).  These services will be tailored to your specific needs, and an individual proposal will be sent to you after the consultation. 


  1. Some of Dr. CoJo’s popular educational seminar/webinar topics include:

    • Common injuries in gymnastics/dance 

    • Evidence-based Practices and corrective exercise techniques for Gymnasts

    • Safe stretching practices for dancers

    • Kinesio-taping techniques for artistic athletes

    • Weight lifting in gymnastics

    • Recovery Techniques for artistic athletes

  2. Panel discussions- Because of her expertise and experience, Dr. CoJo has spoken on different panels for different organizations related to sports, DE&I, women working in sports, and more.  Dr. CoJo is happy to be a part of your next panel discussion! 


If you are interested in an educational seminar, webinar, or injury risk reduction workshop, click below to set up a consultation.

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